Saturday, October 19, 2013

Send in the Guard!

Now that you have seen the scratch built Chimeras, it's time for the Stormtroopers that used to ride around in them!

I had two 'Plasma' squads, and two 'Melta' squads, like this one.

They were minimal sized units, perfect for taking objectives.  Plus, they could pop their little heads out of the back of the Chimeras and blast somebody along the way!

Each squad was a mix of new and old metal figures, and plastic as well.

I used all the same colors on these guys as I did the Chimeras and my Grey Knights

I made all of the bases as well, using my Sci-fi basing methods that are in the basing section of the blog.  In fact, this is where I developed those techniques!

Here's the whole gang!

Another squad tomorrow!!


  1. I love your color schema, management of shading is very well successful. But I have made a clearer may personally.
    Nice work