Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Osprey vs Eagle

Now this is something that I hadn't thought of.  All the while I was painting the Osprey video, I kept thinking about how different it was to paint that mini as an eagle.

So, I dug through my Lord of the Rings army box and found Gwaihir!  I set up the lights really quick so I could snap some side by side bird action.

Obviously I carved the saddle from Gwaihir, but that aside, it is very neat how all the different markings and colors play out on the wings, etc.

The eagle version was definitely easier to paint, since it was more about coloration than actual markings like the Osprey.

All those markings on the ends of the feathers on the Osprey drove me a little nuts, but it was still worth it. :-)

The view from above...

You can really see the differences in this view.  So many white feathers!

I did have a blast dropping this rather unfortunate disciple of Sauron on this base!


  1. Absolutely jawdropping! They can't possibly be more lifelike. Excellent work, James!!

  2. Those look amazing! What company makes those models?