Wednesday, October 9, 2013

New images of the Eggshell Redeemer

For whatever reason, I could not find any images of this in my files, so I thought that I would take advantage of all the new advances in LED pure white lights and other things that were not available back in the day.

This meant lots of new images!  Yea!  I could finally get a true representation of the vehicle.

There were some color changes on this Redeemer as opposed to the first one.  You will also see the differences in the freehand.

Some things stayed the same, such as the battlefield horizon lines on the cowlings of the incinerators.

There was certainly a lot going on with these monsters!  Lots of small phrases and passages scattered about.

I had a lot of fun with the images on the upper surface of the hull.  I had always wanted to try something like that :-)

What was less fun were all the mechanisms and the 27 separate parts that had to be painted before assembly!

Plus, the Forgeworld stuff had all the usual fun elements like warping, bubbles, mould release that would not come off, scale issues, and so on.

More images to come, including side by side pictures with the first Redeemer vehicle!!!


  1. This is all in NMM !?? Impressive. Love the Gold and Metallics.
    Do you know which colors you used for the Hull? And for the gold too?

    1. Yes, all NMM. Actually there is a long how to on a color very similar to this on the top bar of the blog. It is 'Step by Step:Painting a Predator'. Also, there are a number of Gold NMM posts. You can search those with the "Search this blog" gadget on the left hand column...

      I hope those are helpful!!!

  2. Absolutely SICK! Amazing work on this.