Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Metal and plastic... and brush protectors.

One more squad of I.G., Demonhunter style.

As I mentioned, there were some metal figures splashed into the various units in the form of special weapons and sergeants, like this guy.

Then there were fun figures like this one, where I manufactured a Meltagun out of a grenade launcher and a plastic brush protector!  Yes, indeed.  I finished it off with some green stuff tubes.

The glowing conduits were a blast to paint, and I am looking forward to doing more of that when the new army is done!

Here's another one of those conversions that started out as a grenade launcher.  More green stuff, with a few purity seals as well to hide the flamer tanks a bit!

I didn't have the fluorescent paints at the time when I did these, so that is something else to look forward to!!

And for the unit as a whole.

The basing style was like the previous squads, with the sergeant getting special treatment on a marble/tile base.


  1. beautiful as always. How long did that take?

    1. Thanks! Hard to say, since I was working on the whole army at once, plus all the commission pieces. If I had to guess, at least 6 hours per figure. Probably a lot more, since I didn't have my current techniques at that time,,,