Thursday, October 10, 2013

Have you got a pair?

More shots of the second Redeemer!

It's been very cool to have all these new shots of these vehicles.  I only with I had this system much long ago!

When I look at these guys, and remember all the crazy little parts that I spent hours painting... which are practically invisible!  Ouch...

I have to say, I do prefer creating my own freehand than messing around with the Forgeworld doors.  Aside from the fact that they never fit, are warped, have air bubbles and too much mould release, it is just more fun to make my own designs.

I also had to create a turret mount for the Multi Melta, which was done with a carved piece of sculpey..

Now for some top views!

And a matching set!

These shots are very cool for me to check out now :-)

Get out of my way!

Happy again.