Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Consider yourself conscripted

Some of you may remember the concept behind the combined I.G. Sisters army, and that it was going to have mass amounts of conscripts.  The idea was to have 'locals' recruited as these conscripts.

While the female warriors generally go on to become Sisters of Battle, or officers, the lads end up as conscripts like these.

I took some plastic historical Celts and added a few pieces of gear.  Some of it was I.G. bits, and some backpacks were from Victoria Miniatures.

These are some partially complete conversions, minus some green stuff straps and purity seals.

I still have to determine exactly what kinds of base they will go on.  Since they occupy the underhive, I think it will be quite dirty. :-)

I am looking forward to doing some color tests on these.  Obviously, there will be some stripes and some plaid going on!

I believe that there are 40 of these guys in the army list, so that's why the plastic Celts seemed to be the way to go.  I seem to remember boxes of 20 for $40, or an even better price per mini ratio.

I did one set of 10, and these are the first five of the bunch.  Again, the basing will likely change.

For those not familiar with it, here are some images of the Sisters of the Raven, and their color scheme.  The Celtic look carries through all aspects of the two allied armies.

The Raging Heroes Kurgonava Sisters made outstanding Commissars!

More iconography...
and a link to a previous post:

Here's a sketch of the leader of the army, Living Saint Morrigan.

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