Saturday, September 21, 2013

Cathy's Malifaux Ronins

OK, back to Cathy's new Malifaux crew.

Here are the three Ronin characters, which she meticulously posed on her sculpted bases.

If you remember her other designs, positioning the gals was even more delicate!  Those will come later.

It will be very cool to see these all painted!


  1. It's hard to tell, in these pictures, but I filled in the gap in the back of two of the Ronin, because they were supposed to have bows. Cathy don't do bows.
    I also sculpted cut-offs on the Ronin who was wearing only underwear.
    Some people might like the fantasy of a girl dressed only in underwear, running around the streets of Malifaux, killing stuff with swords, but no thanks Wyrd.

  2. Are these custom? If so which minis are they based on? Awesome poses and really characterful. Look forward to seeing them painted up

  3. The base on the last one says "back", but it is the front. This is wrong, everything is wrong! AAH!
    Ehem... well, from the Malifaux starters I also like the Outcast most. Not because of the underwear, more because of the punk chick theme. And yes sometimes the sexism in the miniature hobby is quite annoying... I already "dressed" some of my miniatures as well :)
    The new Wyrd plastics are quite tricky I think. Some details look a little... molten. If they are painted good, they look really nice but the older sculpts are more forgiving if you are not so much into painting than gaming... I don't know if I it makes sense what I'm trying to say :)

  4. LOL
    Good eye, Floyd. I meant that base for a different mini, originally. :) The punk chick theme was what I liked about them too. It's the 3D sculpting that makes some of the parts look weird, like the book bit from the Student of Conflict. It had no pages, so I carved pages into the plastic.

    Also, Xepher, these minis are the Hired Swords crew from Malifaux, right out of the box. I just made the bases. :)