Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ultraforge Pleasure Demon

Another challenging video.  This time, it was trying to match the Mantis warriors from Raging Heroes to a much larger Demon from Ultraforge.

I got the idea to do this one from my own dilemmas of how do you transfer a color scheme to different minis from the same army... especially when they are radically different in size and shape, such as these.

Yup, still glazing away!

Another sketch exercise as a handy guide...

More and more shading...

It always looks so different after that glazing and shading stage.


More spots!

Almost there!  These larger figures have been very different from the 'standard' minis of the earlier videos, with the camera set at different angels, no magnifier, and so on.


  1. Super work as per usual sir!

    I'm not that keen on the boobs on that model though :-/

    1. I'd have to agree. They look like they're a prosthetic.

    2. It did make them tough to paint, since a more realistic form would have allowed for reflected light, which would have 'turned' the surface a bit more. The conical shape did not really allow for that...