Thursday, August 8, 2013

The tanning spa

This one was an interesting video to create.  All of the other flesh tone videos involved 'natural' colors... that is, the appearance of the flesh colors were as they occurred 'naturally'.

These flesh tones were altered by exposure to elements, such as sunlight.

That meant that the eyes could be a lighter, or bluer, shade than they had been on the dark flesh video.  The colors also had to be kept more in the orange range.

However, that balance can go out of whack very quickly, and the figure ends up like they had gone on a vacation to the surface of the Sun.

That fact was mentioned over and over, and will be supported in text blocks advising of not getting the dreaded pumpkin flesh!

Glaze time!

It never ceases to amaze me how different things look from the shaded basecoat stage and then once the glazing is complete.

Working back in the mid tones...

And then side by side.

Time to go protect the forest!


  1. Good looking stuff there James! Looking forward to the videos.

  2. It would be great if there was a link at the top of the blog to information where we will be able to get these videos from.... once they are completed. I know you got funded through the kickstarter, and I may have missed it on that page.. but it was hard to see. (Sadly I missed the kickstarter.)

    1. There will be much more on the blog for the general public once the backers have gotten theirs. Lots of announcements will take place where they will be available (such as on Cool Mini, etc.) Right now, I am trying to give people some inside views on what minis are being used, what elements they might expect in a given video, etc.

      Not to worry about missing the kickstarter. That was just supposed to be the beginning! More new titles will be added as time goes on..