Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Green with envy

More fun with colors!!!  This time green.  The miniature was from Raging Heroes, a favorite of mine.

This was a rather complex figure, but it offered some unique ways to experiment with all sorts of greens.

The wings in particular provided me with a chance to show some high saturation colors, so that they could be played out next to much more grayed down greens...

This seemed to be the best way to show how 'warm' and 'cool' greens could be played off of each other.

Then it was time for some glazing!

Getting there!  The dreaded timer nearby...

And then side by side.

Once again, many thanks to the good folks at Raging Heroes for allowing me to use such wonderful figures!

I have an earlier post which shows the assembly of these figures.  I will be putting that link on the videos, so that people can use that as a guide.  They really go together quite well!

Another Raging Heroes figure is coming up soon, which was used for the Bloody Mess video.  Stay tuned!


  1. I assume to make a green warm you add more yellow, but to make it colder you add more blue?

    1. Yes, that's the idea. I was also trying to impart the idea that a warm color would 'receed' against a highly saturated cool color...

  2. Wappel, you gotta get these DVDs done, man! I want them all! Plus every week I notice a new painter is releases these on youtube. Most are from mediocre painters and not pros so you'll still have a niche. Can't wait to see them.

  3. Do not fear Mon Amis. :-) I have been working on these 10-18 hours a day since December! Keep in mind, this is just supposed to be the beginning. We cut down the # of videos by 25% just to get through the campaign. Much more to come!!!

    1. To add to what Tim said, every time I see these, I wish I had pre-ordered more. I bet if you offered kickstarters the chance to upgrade you would get more than me.

    2. At the moment all of my time has to go into this crucial phase of the production. It would be super cool to expand people's collections right away, but the logistics and paperwork of that would take me away from the tack at hand :-)

      Besides, this was all about creating something that would last... be expanded upon, and so on! Many thanks for all the support. It is much appreciated!