Sunday, August 18, 2013

Forts and Towers!

Yes, you are seeing a WHOLE lot of terrain.  Maybe that's 'cause a whole week was spent on it.

These were even more complex to film than the basing videos, as it turned out.

Set ups like this definitely took a bit of time to arrange...

Ah yes, the Dreaded Watchtower!

There was a lot of waiting for things to dry, so during those times, I tried to grab the next set of terrain and some some work on those pieces.

This was one of the few finished sample pieces that I could use... long story!

The Watchtower continues...

Yes, those are pieces of cereal boxes!

These were so tough to make, I needed to enlist the help of Wage the Master Builder.

Now for the filming of the Watchtower.

A whole new type of doorway.  I tried to show you a few different ways to do roofs, doors, and so on.

Gotta have windows!

Oxide Paste!  That means we must be getting close to the end...



  1. What is the top of the watch tower made from?

    1. Foam core. Now, I just use 1/4 inch pink foam. Much better for the purpose!