Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Blood 'n Guts

I don't think there is any contest for which video wins the "Most Fun" to film award! :-)

This was an absolute blast.  The materials were relatively simple for doing the special effect on this Raging Heroes Gluttony figure.

Here's the mini prior to its blood treatment.

Another sample 'sketch' to show the primary ways to do the effective blood splatters.

Time to paint the Secret Weapon body parts!

Almost ready for the blood on the base!

Meanwhile, we need some blood on those guts!

Blood everywhere!  Even on the palette.

Bloody base!

Gooey blood...

Blood effects finished, and the figure attached to the base.


  1. Two thumbs up...make that four for gore!

    1. Many thanks for the kind words! It is ironic to think that not long ago, I almost never put blood on anything. Perhaps a tiny bit on a fantasy figure's blade, and that's it.

      Learning all these techniques have certainly made it very fun!

  2. The splattering looks fantastic. My only issue is that the blood looks more like dark fuschia, this might just be the camera though. Not trying to be overly critical because that is an awesome looking base.

    Also have you ever tried using halloween blood?

  3. lol, your palette looks like someone was murdered

    1. I think that was me. At least what was left of my brains! ;-)