Friday, August 23, 2013

Big Bird has an eye on you.

The Osprey may have been the most complex of all the birds.  The markings had something to do with that, but also the shapes of the wings.  It could make it difficult to get things into camera view. :-)

Time for another color sketch!

These handy guides are fun... I get to paint in two dimensions again!

A helpful comparison to the actual face...

Shaded basecoat... I really beat up some craft brushes here.

Lots of scumbling the paint into crevices!

Then dry it off, and do some more shaded basecoat

And some more...

Finally!  Out come the glazes.

As usual, profound difference after those are applied.

And Fin.


  1. These big birds are really quite magnificent! Of all your work I have seen I feel they are your best. I really enjoy seeing your color studies-they are very nice as well.
    I did not catch who makes these figures?


    1. Much appreciated! These are from Cool Mini or Not. I also have some painted versions of these with their riders. You can check out the CMON section of the blog for that...