Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Another Chaotic day...

Here is a figure I did for Cool Mini or Not a while back.  This was a 72 MM scale Chaos Marauder champion.

The base was made with Apoxy sculpt and green stuff.  My goal here was to represent all four Chaos gods, by freehand, coloration, and little things sculpted on the base.

Obvisouly, this side has much of the freehand dedicated to Khorne, along with a demon face in the rocks themselves.

Another view of the Blood God's handiwork...

Here we have some Tzeentch.  Yay!  Even some tentacles to go with it. And some Slaneesh as well for good measure. ;-)

Towards the bridle, we have a bit of Nurgle.

So, four gods in one!