Sunday, July 14, 2013

Walking the plank(s)

Ironically, the reason this figure was painted was to provide an example of one of the wood plank bases being used.  As I mentioned before, I am trying to have as many practical examples of the various bases as I can for the basing videos.

So, I sawed this Reaper pirate figure from the base, and put her on the planks!

Yes, I am strange.  Painting a mini just to show off a base... and not the other way around.

Yar. :-)


  1. Really super, James. Lovely wood tones there. Oh....AND a super figure!

  2. Not weird at all. I've painted bases and minis separately and had the base turn out better than the mini it was meant for so Then i would have to paint a new mini to suit the base! That is some nicely weathered decking ;)