Friday, July 5, 2013

Time for some camo!

Well, we are finally back!  I have been unpacking for a while.

Here are some images of the finished bases that were made while I was up north.  These will have more of a desert camouflage look...

I will be using some weathering powders on these to enhance the effect!

I will be showing you the painted versions of these as soon as I can!

Lots of fun.  Love painting these base projects. :-)

And then something new... those jungle bases!

A box arrived while we were away.  It has something very interesting inside.  Till tomorrow!!!!


  1. Very neat looking!

    But I'm stumped. Are those brownish lumps cork or a heavily textured rock? And if cork, why do you choose to use that?

    1. That is cork. I use that, since you can drill into it, like the sculpey. I would not be able to drill holes in rocks, so the cork forms the lattice upon which everything else is built.

      If you look at many of the other basing articles, you will see several instances where the cork and sculpey are used.

  2. Cool! Thanks, Jim.