Monday, July 1, 2013

The finished chariot base set

OK!  Here we go... the final images of the bases.

I had gotten so used to the Demon Marble bases for my Tomb Kings, it was kinda strange to think that a chariot was going to be based on something much more 'Egyptian' :-)

Obviously, a good portion of these designs are now covered by the chariot and the horses, but it was fun, and worthwhile in the end.

I have some images of the individual elements of the set... the chariot, runners, etc.  That I will post tomorrow.

So, until then!!!


  1. Did Egyptians not have chariots? I'm sure they did. From what I can recall anyway. These look great. The final product, which you graced us with prior to the build up, looked brilliant.

    1. Yes, they were not the only ones, but chariots played the biggest role in their armies...