Thursday, July 4, 2013


On this 4th of July, you can't have a post that is not on fire!

These are some of the Reaper Bones figures that I will utilize as the 3 swarms which the Spider Queen can pop out at the most opportune time! :-)

All primed and ready to go...

Starting with some yellow mixed with the fluorescent yellow.

Then a bit of the fluorescent orange...

Then some 'regular' blazing orange into that mix.

A bit more of the orange...

At this point, I start using some cavalry brown.  I try to create some cooler flows in the lava stream...

Then some blue black into that mix for the bits that have cooled down the most.

Same color on top as the base for the spider swarms.

I 'damp brushed' some lighter colors onto that...

Even a little brighter, knowing that I was going to do lots of glazing later.

After the first layers of glazing.  Now I will work back into the middle tones, and get the reflected orangey light on the rock surface.  I hope you all had a Happy Fourth!!


  1. That is an amazing 'how to' - thank you.

  2. These look brilliant. I feel like you've done some spider miniatures prior to this though with the same lava bases?

    1. Yes, I did a whole bunch of giant spiders :-)