Saturday, June 29, 2013

War Gods Chariot WIP

After assembling so many of my Tomb Kings Chariots (including those Khandish LOTR conversions!), I have been itching to try out this set from the War Gods line.

Here are the basic pieces, along with some bases.

The painting begins in the usual way, setting up the future glazes with the shaded basecoat layers.

I work the colors lighter and lighter, knowing that I will be shading and tinting them darker later.

Just about ready to start those glazes!

You can see the difference once the chariot has some of the extra shading.  It does help when the figures have a good casting for this technique!

The same goes for the out runners.  I learned during my Tomb Kings research that the bulk of the armies fighting at this time had these guys running around.  Their job was to go into the mess once the chariots were in combat with each other.  The goal was to wipe out the opponent's chariots in this way.

Shading and tinting of the runners...

And some shading on the horses.  I will be painting the grey just like the one for the painting videos. :-)

Here is some concept art for the War Gods of Olympus kickstarter.  They are very close to unlocking these!!!

And some more fantastic concept art!!

Give this a look:

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