Monday, June 10, 2013

One more Flesh tone!

Once more... another flesh tone.  This time it's the Ruddy/tanned look.  I meant to take a comparison shot next to the African tones, but I forgot... Anyway, this gives you an idea at least :-)

I have been using those Badger air brush paints more and more.  Not excessive, but in key situations.  I am using them with regular brushes, taking advantage of how thinned down they are right out of the bottle!

So, you will be seeing them here and there in the videos.  As time goes on, and I make post kickstarter videos, you will probably see more of them introduced.  I am pretty sure that I will be making a stand alone video just for using those paints with "airbrushes on sticks".

Here's a shot of the base.  The reddish brown that I used for the base coat was one of the Badger air brush paints.

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