Friday, June 21, 2013

More bases... and more bases

Here are some shots from a few days ago.  If you remember the post from earlier in the week, there was a lot of sculpey baking going on. :-)

I needed several batches so that there was enough to go around for all the different videos.  Not just to make the bases themselves, but to show lots of other techniques as well as how the clay reacts to different situations

When we did our in person basing classes, I found that I needed many pieces on hand just to show how the clay breaks (intentionally and otherwise!), and it's various properties.

Some new Apoxy sculpt also came in, which is good.  I had really depleted my stocks, and I wanted people to see what the original packaging looked like.

These kinds of bases are very fun to sculpt.  There is a pattern of sculpting that makes them much easier to create.  At least you won't have to learn that the hard way, as I did. :-)

I made a colossal version on the crystals base so that it would show up on camera even better!

Several different types of painted bases for the Painting Marble & Tile video...

Lots of big critters coming next!

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