Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bloodbaths made easy... Secret Weapon bag 'o corpses

Here's a brand new product from Secret Weapon that came out just in the nick of time!

We unveil the Sack 'o corpses, which is chock full gory (but very handy!) pieces and parts.

They are just right for converting miniatures, or in my case, adding to bases!

Here you see some of them added to a Raging Heroes Gluttony figure, which I am using for the "Bloody Mess" painting video.

Oh yeah, and they are not to shabby for your Zombiecide hordes, either!!!

Here is the base for the Bloody Mess video.  Yes, it is quite a mess!

Severed heads are fun, but having a full range of chopped up and ripped up parts was fantastic.

Many thanks to Justin and the good folks at Secret Weapon for producing such a great product!  I will be posting images of a few miniatures decorated with the Sack 'o corpses bits tomorrow!

A quick edit here to acknowledge that the blog has surpassed 900,000 page views!!!  Many thanks to everyone who has taken the time to visit this Mansion of Mini painting Madness :-)


  1. Is that a Zombicide mini??

    1. Yes it is! I will be posting the painted version in tonight or tomorrow!!