Monday, May 27, 2013

The dead rise... again.

Just can't keep these guys down.  Not with chainsaws, shotguns or flamethrowers.  They just keep comin' back.  Looking for more brains.

Cathy actually played her Zombiecide game, and it seemed like fun was had by all.  And brains were consumed...

Zombies Attack!


  1. Wonderfully gruesome - love it!

  2. Gruesome. Very realistic gore. It's not a 'nice' model, but an excellent paintjob :-)

  3. I love the flesh tone you've got here James. I pledged on the season 2 KS for these so I should have a metric ton of corpses landing on my doorstep sometime in September! Any tips on how you achieved the skin tone on this guy?

    1. There were a few different stages. I think I started out with a drab sort of flesh color, and lightened it a bit of yellow/white. I remember doing some glazes with a purple and a little green.

      Then I started to go back in with more of the pasty yellowish flesh color :-)

  4. Replies
    1. That's because humans stay crunchy in milk...