Sunday, May 26, 2013

Rothand Studios Lava Golem on the grey backdrop

I mentioned that I had some more images shot on a different background, and here they are. :-)

That is a much larger sheet, which mean that I could take a much bigger variety of angles, and also bring the camera in a little closer.

When the backdrop is too small, I have to pull way back, and that leads to much smaller images.  Plus, the neutral tone of the grey helps the lava to shine much more.  The black and other darks are also not as harsh as they might be perceived against the white.

In general, the blue to white fade seems to work well for the greatest variety of figures.  The smaller individual characters really fit this mould.

Speaking of mold, there must be a lot of it around, as it has done a number on me since we returned from CMON Expo.  It's been hard just to see at times.

That's one reason I have worked on this guy, along with lots of prep work the last week.  When you can hardly see or breathe, it's best to work on something big!  It's like giant type on a Kindle for readers with eye issues.

I look forward to this latest blast to pass by, since it it very difficult to do any small work.  I must have poked myself with the files a dozen times today alone ;-)

I was working on the glazing miniature today.  I should be posting images of that tomorrow at some point.  Glazing sure came in handy with this big boy!!  When I look at a lot of the back views or images from underneath, the orange and orange/red glazes toned down parts of the lava glow just enough to give specific points extra zip.

These few views really got me thinking about that topic...

Stay tuned for much more!


  1. Amazing work! It looks so lifelike it seems you could burn your fingers!

    1. If I had a bunch of these around the house in the winter, I would freeze a lot less while I was painting!