Friday, May 10, 2013

Now some images of the little guys!

This set of images has some pictures featuring a unit that will be getting a boost in numbers as time goes on.  That would be the basic Kabal warriors.  Lots of them!

Of course, Asharah will be getting a boost in the number of Incubi as well.  Another set of 5 will join this group...

I have a few more Grotesques that I will finish off to make the unit even larger.

I have many more wyches to add.  The larger squads will go on Raiders, so that the Kabal Warriors can boost the firepower of the Venoms even more.

My thought process for the Wyches did not work at all in the tournament.  With no cover to hide behind, the Venoms were almost always shot down on the first turn, leaving the most important troop choice floundering in the open, nowhere near an objective.

Here's a shot of the little mosaic...

And and even smaller mosaic design...

The shot of the Kabal Warriors, which were way more fun to paint than I expected!

I look forward to doing some more of these!!


  1. Did they not use any game boards with cover then in the tournament? Seems a bit unfair for those using flyers? lol.

    Love how these all turned out.

    1. The cover was OK, but the flyers just landed on top of it... or in it, and blew you away :-)

  2. Oh my goodness... this is such fine miniature painting.
    I really am speechless. I love them all! I wish my Kabal would look like that!

    1. Many thanks for the kind words! When I see them all like this, it makes all the work well worth it! :)