Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Getting ready for Chaos...

As the clean up and repairs continue after the storms, we have the finished images of the 50mm bases.

I kept the colors on the cooler side, since the flesh tones will have a reddish look.  The armor will also be on the warmer side.  I was hoping to use the cooler colors of the base as a foil for the interior of the demon wings.  Trust me, you will see what the heck i am talking about when the first demon pictures are shown. :-)

It was fun to paint these bases.  I will be doing the same scheme on the bases for the Raging Heroes Blood Vestals.

And now for a nice image of the beasties!  This is the new Demon Prince from Ultraforge.  You saw an "unboxing" post on him a while back.  That showed how easily he went together.

While these types of marble bases are relatively simple, they give a very solid footprint anchor for big guys such as these.  It holds them very well with a pin in each foot!

Well, looks like someone found the new box of Fruity Cheerios.  I hope they leave some for me!


  1. The bases look great. I should give it a try.

    The puppets look scary.

  2. Amazing brush work as always. Dean

    1. Many thanks! Working on the figures now...