Monday, April 8, 2013

What's old can definitely be new :-)

Hey folks!  More of the Kabal Warriors.  I have been very surprised at how much I enjoyed painting these.  I remember having a lot of fun combining the old and new kits so long ago when I first built them, but I figured that they would not be as interesting to paint as the Jetbikes, for instance.

That has really not been the case.  I have had all kinds of fun with these.  Ironically, the old style armor and clothes made it easier to put the crackling lava freehand on them.  The shoulder armor definitely made a nice big open surface.

I was glad that I had put all the extra spikey bits on them, since that allowed me to do more blood platter, keeping them a bit more in line with all the vehicles.  Having a variety of old and new splinter rifles was also fun, and kept me from going insane painting endless numbers of the same gun! :-)


  1. I have friends, some who even work for GW who always think the old figs look worse than the new figs. They do things like sell off old painted minis and try to paint an entirely new and identically composed squad of the latest greatest minis. They use whatever trendy new painting technique lets them get them done the fastest and still they don't look as good as the old miniatures which were painted with time and care...

    Plus instead of having 3000 points they have a partially painted, but all new and plastic 1500 point army.

    I've stripped old models and repainted them for my main army. As it is hard to find the old 80s early 90s sculpts especially in good condition. But I would never strip my original army, though I will touch up the old paint jobs some day... The ally rules are the reason I have more than one army at the dawn of 2nd Edition.

    If people spent half the time they spend surfing the net painting, they'd have a nice looking army.

    I haven't painted in years, all my stuff is in storage, but I still have a bigger painted army than most and I've never even played Apocalypse, I just stuck with it, now when the rules change I'm like, OK which of my 7 tactical squads do I want to use in my 1500 point army?

    I also stopped painting new squads and just painted different champs and special weapons dudes. I also got smart and stopped painting squad numbers on my newest squads, instead differentiating the squad another way so I can drop in additional models, or special weapons quickly.

    I don't even know how many points I have painted, I haven't had a chance to play 6th Edition or with the new codex. I just subscribe to some RSS feeds and live vicariously through others.

    Good luck at Adepticon, you're army looks great, I keep pinning photos to Pinterest.

    1. Many thanks! There have been numerous times where I have thought that the older figures had a bit more character than the newest items, which tend to be done viz CGI.

      In fact, all of my armies contain these "Golden Oldies". My Lizardman mage priest, old Kroxigors and skinks, you name it. When blended together with the new, it is very nice together.

      I was just given some of the old style metal Tomb King TG, which will be a very nice blend with the newer TG. I very much look forward to that project!

      I will try to document the two armies as well as I can with images over the weekend! It's gonna be fantastic to see them all on the table. :-)