Thursday, April 11, 2013

The view from above...

OK!  A few images to show you some different angles of the Raider.


  1. Brilliant. Once again, must comment on your freehand consistency and absolute brilliance. Took a look at many of your old posts and was equally blown away by your painting and modelling. I must admit, I did stick to just space marine posts, bit bias like that when having to look through so many old posts, but they were brilliant.

    One such model that I want to comment on, would be the, I think it's a chapter master, for the Imperial Fists? I think so anyway. He has candles being lit on his left shoulderpad. Brilliant!!!!!!

    1. Many thanks! I have been processing as many of the jetbike images as I can, so you will be seeing a lot those in the coming days :-)