Thursday, April 25, 2013

Into the Arena again...

Now we are getting into the shading quite a bit more.  As I have mentioned, the craft paints, in combination with the pink foam, mean that the paint stays wetter for a bit longer, allowing for wet blending on the surface.

To take more advantage of this, I tried to work in smaller sections.

I would create that three color mix of the black , brown, and some of the ivory, adding a bit more of the ivory each time.  You might also notice how the lighter colors were kept toward the bottom of the walls.

This shows that a little better.  By having the lighter colors towards the lower part of the walls, I could show off some staining and weathering more easily.  It would also make the pock marks in the walls more prominent.

Getting lighter still...

Doing this on the towers was a little more complex, due to their height, but working quickly kept the paint malleable.

I have this area at max shading.

Same for the front...

And the other side...

And the interior.

This task is repeated on all the unassembled sections such as the upper walls and roofs

The tops of the towers were also shaded.

It was definitely a relief to see it at this stage, since time was counting down fast!!!!  Stay tuned for the next episode!


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    1. At least now I have a few images I snagged that other folks took of the army board and minis at Adepticon! :-)