Saturday, April 20, 2013

Day one of the Fantasy tournament in the books...

All right!  Just one day remains!!!

I played in the first round of Warhammer games today with the Tomb Kings.  Game one went wonky really quick, which meant I had lots of extra time to enter a few things in the Crystal Brush.  I grabbed some jetbikes, a venom, a Necrosphinx and an Ushabti unit to toss in.  No real expectations, I just figured what the heck. :-)

Many thanks to all the folks who stopped by to hang out and chat!  It's always a blast.

Tomorrow means playing the last 2 games of the Fantasy Tournament and then hauling everything back home.  Hopefully there will not be 3 feet of water in the basement.


  1. Too bad about the first game. Better luck in the coming ones. Nice miniature again. Does your basement flood sometimes then?

    1. We had some historic rainfall in a very short time span. Fortunately, we live in the city itself, which did not get hit anywhere near as hard as the places which flooded.

      What made it seem worse was all the people we know in locally who were there kept telling us horror stories about their neighborhoods!

  2. This made me laugh out loud when I read it, specifically because I had already seen your bikes on the Crystal Brush winner list. The only golden daemon I ever won was with a model I entered because I had it and didn't have a prepared entry for that category, and another guy I know won gold in the open category that same year because he just happened to have his epic nurgle titans with him.

    It's all about who shows up in that category on that day isn't it? Of course having fantastic looking models helps, which these are :-) You really have a knack for the overall vision of a model's appearance. It's a level of artistry that is really lacking in our paint-by-numbers hobby.

    1. Many thanks!

      I have seen so many crazy things happen in these contests, I make it my policy to never do anything specifically for them. It's something from my existing armies, or along those lines. That way, I am not so bummed out, since I need that mini for other stuff anyway :-)