Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Almost there...

Here are some images of the Raider in its final stages.  There are still more things that need to be done with this.

I have some weathering powder stuff that I want to do, as well as trying to magnetize the main weapon.

There is one last special thing that I really hope I have time to do.  That will remain a surprise for now!

There was a lot to learn working on this piece.  As you saw in the WIP post, it was painted in separate parts as much as possible.  I have a Reaper that will require some fancy footwork.  That will be an interesting project!

Even more dramatic will be the Tantalus.  So huge!!!

I took a bunch of pictures from above, so I will be posting those later tonight or tomorrow... Stay tuned!


  1. More to do to this stunning piece? Are you trying to overload me with amazement?

    1. Still more weathering... plus that surprise :-)

  2. Pimp my Evil-Sikh-Queen-Mobile :>

    pleaseeeee :)

    Great vehicle here.

    I am not quite bought by Sikh-Queen-Atwork (its great but I dont like it on sail - maybe because of this blue turban)

    but its best damn raider Ive seen..

    (nd sun still smiles to me :)

    1. Many thanks! I think you will really like the Reaper and Tantalus when I get to them :-)

  3. I'm not into 40K but these are just a delight. The artistry is quite stunning.
    I love the honeycomb pattern...
    Their appeal to me is actually their potential use as aeronefs for VSF/Steampunk gaming.

    1. Many thanks! I am looking forward to putting this pattern on some of the really big vehicles!