Sunday, April 28, 2013

A bit of "Punky" terrain at the Wandering Dragon

Now it's time for a little painting session at the Wandering Dragon Shoppe.  Most of you will recognize this terrain I put together for them right before we got nailed by the Norovirus.  It has been waiting for some paint, and that's what I did the other day.

This was going to be a very basic paint job here, since there was not a lot of time.  I used the same craft paints that I work with on the Dark Eldar army board.  The only difference was that I tossed in a few metallic paints here and there :-)

You can look through the older Terrain posts to see how I made these.  It was fairly basic.  Some pink foam  and empty pill containers.  I made the rivets with some plasticard and a hole punch.

I worked quickly with a big brush to make the various pieces have a coat of brownish black...

I have a few shots here of each terrain piece as I did this.  The main use for this terrain would be on Tuesdays for the Privateer Press game night.  That means Warmachine and Hordes!

While most terrain pieces look a little odd before they are painted, these guys were nothing less than bizarre!

However, one has to have faith in the Plan. :-)  Be confident that something silly looking like this...

Transforms itself quickly by just doing this...

It was really neat to see these turn into somethings else before your eyes!

At this point, I started to add in some metallic paint to that black and brown mix.

While I was painting the steampunk terrain, I slapped some colors on a few regular rocky outcroppings

More to come!!!


  1. Love what you've done. This looks like it's coming along really well, and will be a great piece to have on the table.

    1. It's amazing what you can make with garbage!