Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Something to stand on... the ground pounders

Well, every army needs infantry, and that infantry needs something to stand on.  That means it's time to paint all those bases. :-)

Here are a few pics of the infantry bases.  There's a wyche squad in there, the Incubi, and the Kabal Warriors.

I tried to get a nice variety on the bases, but keep the same theme throughout.  I also attempted to make the base of the transport they are in match the them as closely as possible.

I think this was the biggest mass painting of 40k bases I have done. :-)

Hopefully these color choices will help to make the infantry stand out once their colors are in place.

For example, the reason the tail of the crashed Storm Raven was lighter on the top was to allow the deep reds of the Venom to contrast nicely.  I believe it will work out that way!

Check out this image that Raging Heroes just posted in a message about their upcoming kickstarter.  Now wouldn't THIS have been a fantastic Homunculus?

Not long to wait now!!!

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