Sunday, March 24, 2013

Send in the gnolls! Part 1

Here's a batch of figures I painted back in the day... probably 2006.  Most of these are Reaper figures, or at least I am pretty sure about that!

It was a fun set of colors to work with.  I believe that muted purples were mixed into the greys, which allowed me to use the yellowish colors for the hair as a contrast.

Looking at these, it's interesting to see how much things have changed in my techniques since then.  To the average viewer there would be negligible difference, if any at all.

I also liked these minis, even though they are probably not the most popular. :-)

This is the whole group.  The rest are coming soon!


  1. I'm pretty sure at least some of those are from the Chainmail (more recent version, not the old 1970s one!) game. Specifically the one with the flail, axe over head and bow guy. Rest are Reaper AFAIK.

    1. Thanks! The Reaper ones were very familiar to me, but I just could not remember where the other ones came from... been way too long :-)