Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Honored Dead for the Kukulkani

Here are the rest of the minis from the Kukulkani starter set.

You can read all the fluff on them in the previous post on this starter box., which is now in the Coolminiornot shop

This faction has allowed me to do some interesting flesh tone colors. :-)

There is a wide variety in colors from one flesh color to the next.  All of the war priests seem to have the blueish coloration of the warrior in the right corner of this image.

That was fun to try out some new color schemes!


  1. When we met at the CMON expo, I discussed painting these with you after Shinall asked me to paint some. Here's a thread I started and your feedback would be appreciated. http://www.dragonpainting.net/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=4109

    I wasnt sure how else to contact you or get feedback.

    1. Those are looking very nice! One thing I would suggest is perhaps some very bright highlights.. in just a few places. This would solidify a center of interest, so to speak.

  2. Yeah, after seeing these again I realized they needed a bit more color. Im going to do some white stripes on the legs and I added some white in the eyes.