Thursday, February 14, 2013

The 'lost' squad of Infinity...

These guys have been in the image abyss for quite a while.  Just lost in the shuffle. 

This was an interesting color scheme for me.  Kinda different from what I would normally do.  I did learn a new way to get a deep burgundy, which was cool.  I am also pretty sure that I was just starting to use the GW glazes when this project was done.

The Infinity/War Crow figures do have a lot of nice detail on them.  The faces are nicely sculpted as well.  There are a lot of tiny little pieces to attach on them as well, which can be a challenge.

I am pretty sure that the base are from DragonForge Designs as well.

The group shot.

I also did one of these big guys.  That was quite a chunk of metal!

Here's how the Uglies play Scrabble...


  1. These are beautiful! Very inspirational.

    1. Many thanks! Thanks also for checking out the blog!

  2. You are an amazing talent, James. I agree with Mr. Harold, inspirational!

    I've just got into Infinity myself, so Haqqislam is on my plate. I've been using your blog to get me inspired to pick up a brush come lunch times and evenings.


    1. Best of luck! There really are some tricky little bits. It's where I created the "glue/greenstuff/glue" technique of attaching impossible to pin pieces :-)