Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cernunnos the Horned One

This was a fun little diorama I did back in the day, featuring another Celtos miniature.  He is Cernunnos the Horned One.  I believe he was part of the Fir Bolg faction.

Once again, this was done mostly with sculpey.  I pressed real rocks into the unbaked clay to create the texture.  If you look in the basing techniques category, you will find several posts describing this process.

This faction was all about swamplands, so I wanted to create a pool area for the water effects.

I built up the rock formation so that it would hold in the water effects material.  I knew it would take a few layers to get the depth I wanted.

I also had to make it deep enough to hold the horse and rider casualties.  The shield is from a Gael miniature.

These views give you a better look at the water and the casualty.

You can see how much I was able to submerge that horse and rider...

And for a close up on the miniature...