Saturday, February 16, 2013

Captain Haley and Friends

Here we have the last of the Iron Kingdoms RPG minis, Captain Haley and a few other ladies.  Sorry the images are somewhat small... this goes back a ways.

The robes on this were pretty crazy to paint!  I think it would be a little easier with my approach today.

I enjoyed working with the limited palette of browns on this piece.  It was an intentional effort to work more with earth tones after a discussion Cathy and I had regarding our color choices.  She worked a lot in earth tones and greens, while I trended towards the brighter blues, reds, purples, golds, etc.

I enjoyed working the various warm and cool browns.  If I get a chance to try something like this again, it would be great.

This was an exercise in greys.  I think it was the Witchfire character.


  1. Hi :) Which brown colors did you use?
    Do you have a picture of the color palette?

    1. I don't have any pics of the palette (again, many years ago), but the armor was done with snakebite leather as a base, lightened with space wolves grey. It was darkened with some glazes of black and the snakebit mixed together...