Friday, February 8, 2013

Beware the great Carnosaur!! Loq Gar the Terrible!

Here is a special Blog Anniversary piece.  Like Mage Priest Babo a few years before, this heavy duty conversion won a Bronze Demon in the Monster category at a Games Day!  

There was a lot to do on this piece, that's for sure.

The wings did require a lot of bracing, and a fair bit of sculpting to make them blend in.  What actually too more time to create, however, was the head crest decoration (featuring Loq Gar's name, of course!) and the banner.  

Those items were fashioned from plasticard, green stuff, and bitz.  I usually keep the banner aside, since it can get a little hairy when things get into those multiple combats (now that terror means almost nothing... lookin' at you, BSB re-roll...)

Anyway, once all the converting was done.  It was time to paint!  When I first began this guy, it was the 'old' edition of lizards, with spawnings.  I was going to color code my spawned saurus... green to move through terrain, a blue for amphibious, and black for ITP.  Nothing says "I ain't scared" like a blue/black lizard walking across lava!

So, this was the army general, with an obvious tie in to that particular spawning.

I wanted to get as many cool colors in as I could, so that the lava reflections would really stand out.

While it took a lot of time, the reflections on the Carnosaur were mostly straightforward.  The reflections on the gold ornamentation was another story :-)

I still tried to keep some color variations on the wings, as you can see by the purples that were incorporated here and there...

This rare view really lets you see all that work!

Loq Gar also made the Top Ten on CMON, which was probably out of fear!!!

Only hours remain in the kickstarter!  Last chance!


  1. Absolutely stunning James, the OSL effect is so striking in contrast to the other colours you've used (as you actually said in your post but I just needed to reiterate that).

    I'm about to start work on a dragon myself. Any tips?


    1. Thanks! Definitely work with a bigger brush, and work the whole surface at once, as you have heard me mention so many times!!

      Also, if it is possible to do some things prior to complete assembly, it could save a lot of headaches in the end! Definitely don't have him attached to the base :-)

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