Saturday, February 9, 2013

Alabaster Ruins

Here's another fun Sculpey diorama from a while back.  This worked on the same principle as the Anastasia diorama, as well as the big watch tower.  

First, the basic shape was done in unbaked sculpey.  Once that was baked, further details were added, and it was baked again.

The cracks and exposed under bricks could then be carved out using a variety of tools.

It takes a little while for this process, but the results are always neat!

The foliage is from Woodland Scenics.  I don't know it the product is still available, but it was called "Realistic trees".  The name was appropriate, because they sure looked real!

It was not the cheapest product, but you could combine it with other types of foliage to get the most out of it.

The rest was standard flock, to give it the overgrown look.  I also put in a few broken pillars...

I will post some interior shots and the mini later!

Perhaps I might actually get a chance to make a piece of terrain (or two or three) for a Bretonnian theme table!!


  1. Recently I tried out the baked sculpey method. I stole some of my girlfriends grey sculpey III. I sculpted the basic shape (a brick wall) and then baked the sculpey. But when I started to carve I was surprised. I was expecting a relatively stronger plaster like feel but it was more like hard plastic. It's thougher than I expected (much tougher) which is a good thing. But I found it much more difficult to carve in a controlled fashion.

    1. That is why I always say to use the regular white sculpey, as it is softer, and easy to carve. Sculpey III is not something I use for this purpose...