Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The conclusion of the Mantis flesh tones...

Here is the continuation of the Mantis demonette from Raging Heroes.  At this point, I had done all of my dark glazes, and was working back into the middle tones.

Since the GW washes work like glaze medium (that is, they act as a drying retarder), mixing regkuar paint colors with them can yield interesting results.  When I did my middle tones here, I mixed lighter colors in with my dark glazes.  For instance, I mixed some of the flesh tone in with the dark blue glaze.  This gave me the lighter color that you see on the claws, head and legs.

For this stage, I began mixing a sky blue in with the current mix.  I also mixed some dark purple together with the sky blue to begin painting the spots...

I also mixed a bit of magenta in with some of the spot color.  I didn't want all the spots to be the exact same shade.

I started to add a pinkish color to my highlights on the claws and head.  I also mixed in a yellow white with my lightest flesh tone mix for some brighter highlights on the flesh.  The reason I waited a bit longer to do this was it allowed me to see what the darker colors would look like first.  I think all of this will make more sense in video format!

Obviously, there is only so much I can show in these still photos.  

Anyway, you can see in this image that I worked on the eyes.  I mixed a bright red and used that to line the edges around the eyes.  Since it was the warmest, most saturated color on the entire figure, a tiny bit of it helped the eyes to stand out.

You can also see that I went back into the shadow areas and added a few lighter spots.

Here I have added a little bit of darker color to the lining around the eyes, and also done some very bright highlights on the claws, head and legs.

As the miniature drew to a close, there was some more highlighting, but I also did some work in the darkest darks.  I took some of my middle tone color and added it right in the center of some shaded areas.  This is another little thing I love to do on Chaos type miniatures.

So, later today I will post some images of the finished figure on its base!

This demo will be part of my "Four Fleshtones of the Apocalypse" series that demonstrates non-human flesh tones.  The others will cover Dark Elf flesh,  undead/vampire, and orc/goblin flesh

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