Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Having fun with glazes on bases: A work in progress

Happy New Year to everyone!  Among other things today, I worked on some bases.  These were all going to have similar colors, so I set them out, and began to put down my lighter colors.  Not only would all of the shading be done with a series of glazes, I was also going to tint various parts of the bases as well.

The initial layers I painted were all very simple... some vomit brown alternating with a little Vallejo green sky.  I tried to keep it all as similar as possible, so that you could see what some glazing can do in this situation.

You can see on the right that I have a few glazing colors out... a black, a sepia, and a green.

My first glazes were more about establishing those color variations.  You can always shade darker with further layers!

Here are a few images showing these first layers.

After those colors were established, I darkened the shadow areas some more.

Just to see what I had, I painted the black around the edges of the bases.  From this point, I will go back with more middle tones  to create even more color variations.

Once I finish off those last bits, I will post the pictures for you :-)


  1. Beautiful work as always. Do you do commission painting?



    1. Hello! Thanks for the kind words! Yes, I do commission painting. It's quite busy right now, between the kickstarter and other projects :-)

  2. I so often get in the trap of doing drybrush layering for my bases, you are making me think again. Although I did glaze some bloody colors on my most recent bases.

    1. I tend to get in that same mode myself, particularly when I am just doing one base at a time. When I have to do many bases at once, such as this, I will remember this kind of technique.

      This method was developed when I had to paint a whole series of blasted concrete style bases. It was the best way to get color variations on something that could have been kinda monotonous! :-)

  3. Are these homemade bases, in which case do you have an article on there making?

    I'm really digging the stone flooring. I have a project for which I can't find either commercial bases or textured plasticard that lives up to what I want but these are exactly the right style (the two left-most bases in the second photo).

    1. This base set is part of the Groundwerks line of bases from CoolMini. I think they are available now...