Monday, January 14, 2013

And Those Without Eyes shall See... the Campaign for the Warp gate

OK, loyal Wappellians!  I promised you some info on the campaign that was based around the Warpgate, so here it is.

The whole idea behind this series of three scenarios is that one side wants to control the warpgate to allow allies from the warp (be they Demons or Dark Eldar) to pass into this realm to wreak havoc and destruction.  How fun is that?!!!  The opposing side is attempting to shut down the warp gate.

Each scenario builds to the final conclusion... a massive battle on a massive board.

Sadly, I don't have any pics from the first scenario, but it was pretty basic.  It was an objective based game, and at stake were numerous goodies.  These could be enhanced weapons, armor, combat drugs, etc.  Once in your unit's possession, it would remain with it as long as it was not destroyed, even in subsequent scenarios.

By possessing more of these items, you obviously enhanced your chances moving ahead.  There was also a map, which would give you a hint as to where the next big objective could be found.

This objective was what we fought over in Round Two of "And those without sight shall see".

Here is the deployment map.  I should say that when we played this scenario, it was 4th Edition!  Yes, that's a long time ago. :-)

Here are the forces arrayed for battle!  Rich's Chaos and my Demonhunters.  There were a few things we were after.  There was a weapons cache, which would give you 250 points of additional troops to use in the next game.  You were also looking for a special character.  This character is a psyker who has gone mad, but is capable of controlling the warpgate.  All he is interested in is the warpgate, and will join with anyone who knows where it is!
So, it you locate him, as well as the map telling you where the warpgate can be found, you will end up as the defender in round 3.

Here is how the battle played out:

So, in the end, I would be the defender, using the special character to shut down the warp gate!  Rich had 250 extra points of troops, and would be the attacker.

More info to come!!!


  1. Wow, how cool. All the minis look great! Nice terrain also. Is this at someones home? Please do more of these!!!

    1. Hello! This was done at a GW Bunker, but all future reports will come from right here in Wappelville!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! The final battle was very crazy. I just have to try an remember all the various events of note...