Tuesday, December 11, 2012

More Nurgle, anyone?

Here's a little conversion I did a while back, taking a fantasy Nurgle character and giving it more of a 40K feel.

I took a few bits, put some pustules on them, and it was good to go!

The base was done to match all the previous Blight drone and Decimator bases...

A sneak peek at the painted version, which comes tomorrow!


  1. Good use of Kazyk, he looks pretty b-ass here. Would love a close up of the green stuff work you've done ;)

    1. I guess I forgot to make the pictures "original" size... they should be a little bigger now. Of course, if you click on the image, it will be larger as well. Thanks for checking out the blog!

    2. Great, thanks for that. Enjoying the Nurgle mini's you're putting out, very colourful, which makes a change.

  2. Amazing!!!
    I love your 'little' conversion :-D