Saturday, December 8, 2012

Forward Progress: First and Ten!

Well, yesterday was an interesting day for the Kickstarter!

This item was kindly donated by Marty to the cause.  In the quest to get the old camera to communicate with our existing computers, we have been consistently stymied.  Even the folks at Sony said that it was an impossible task, no matter how many drivers we downloaded.

So, enter a brand new camera!  As you can see, it is about 1/3 the size of the previous camera.  Marty also contributed a tiny tripod, since he knew what kind of a setup I had been working with.

Late last night I did about a 45 minute film of another Raging Heroes  Vestal.  So, we will be uploading this film and see what we have!

It was different enough from the other camera that I will still have to tweak my own positioning a bit.  I was amazed that even at the highest quality setting, the memory card was still not filled up.  That's cool!!!

Here she is after 45 minutes...

Babo was also very excited.  Christmas came early!  And there were tons of cookies, since Cathy and Kimbery were baking dozens of them!!!!

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