Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Can't get enough Mastodon? The more the Merrier!

Happy Holidays!  I hope everyone got what they wanted, or found the things they wanted to get for others! :-)

More pctures of the Mastodon.  This time, some of the crew!

The face painted... no more pink horns!

Mastodon on the March!

Some scouts flanking the Big Guy!

Santa driving his sleigh?

More face...

And another scout!

How many toys can you fit inside the howdah?

Lots of room for passengers too!

Once again, many thanks to all the loyal Wappellians who help keep the blog rolling!  By the beginning of January, it will be 10 months since the start, and it will be close to 500,000 page views!  Pat yourselves on the back!

Best wishes for the Holidays.

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