Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Bases for the Nurgle Prince and Herald

For those of you familiar with the other Nurgle figures that I have done, you wail recognize this style of basing.  The essentials are relatively simple... some cork, some gravel, some bitz, oxide paste and a touch of green stuff.

A view of the palette gives you a good idea of how I approached the painting.  In many respects, it is very similar to how I painted the figures.  You can see the olive green and reddish browns that were mixed together, as well as the tan color that was mixed in to lighten it.

Some sky blue was mixed in for the rhino door, creating a greenish grey in the end.  I also started putting some green on the slimy water section...

Obviously this stage was all about adding rust.  I started with a Calthan brown, moving on to a parasite brown from Vallejo.  Finally, vomit brown was added for the lightest shades.

The slime section was done by adding Vallejo deep yellow to that olive green, lightening along the way.  Once the highlighting was done, I mixed some of the fluorescent yellow in with 'hardcoat and applied that over the slime.  It is a nice textural contrast to the rocks.

Stay tuned for more!


  1. The colouring on these bases is glorious...

    I love how the greens of the pools and the oranges of the rusts really set each other off.

    1. Many thanks! I had only used 'ardcoat a handful of times until these Nurgle pieces. I ended up developing some fun new techniques that could be used on entirely different minis!

  2. Ya know the blog list thumbnail of that first photo, made it look as though you had taken a photo of something underwater...

    1. When it comes to Nurgle, it's best to have a real good water filter handy...