Friday, December 21, 2012

Aren't they a cute pair?

So, my legions of evil minions have not arrived, which means that the End of the World has been postponed.  Again.  DRAT!  Darn those pesky logistics.

Here are the last of the Prince & Harry images.  I promise!  Today is our anniversary, so it will limit my posting for today.  I hope you enjoy these. :-)

In other news, we placed the order for the editing software and microphone.  Cathy is talking with her brother the tech guru right now about what kind of RAM we should be getting (thanks Mike!).  One of the topics of discussion concerns how much would be overkill, or yield diminishing returns.  The requirement is 2 gig, but these are going to be really huge files at 100 minutes, so more could be needed.

Once the software arrives, we will be doing to early short tests of 1/2 minutes or so just to post to the blog, and people can let us know how they played, if the text was readable, etc.  Since we will be doing a lot with scrolling text, finding the correct font will be really important.  All of our Beta testers will be very helpful in this area. :-)

So, enjoy the Solstice!  Ironically, the shortest day of the year begins with the most sunshine we have had in 2 weeks.  Go figure!  Jimmy loves Cathy... Happy 11th Anniversary!!!!


  1. James, they're a psychadelic masterpiece - quite repulsive. Happy anniversary!

    1. Many thanks! Before painting all the Nurgle stuff, I did not think that it would be so much fun! Normally Cathy does all that, as it is her domain :-)

  2. Happy Anniversary James and Cathy!


    1. Thanks!!!! Have a great Christmas and a great 2013 as well!

  3. Awesome colours! Really love your work!!

    Did you get my message to you on CMON? Not quite sure how else I might get in touch with you.


    1. Hello!

      I'm afraid I have not been able to look at CMON for quite a while with all the Kickstarter stuff going on. I will check that out later today!