Thursday, December 6, 2012

Aim, Ready... Fire! Another gunner joins the unit

Here's another step by step figure from that Empire unit.

As you can see in this first image, it is absolutely vital and critical for our shaded basecoat technique to stay within all the lines, painting very carefully.

OK, maybe not.  That's what I love about the technique.  I can just slap paint on this thing with a big brush and work rapidly, getting colors on all the surfaces as soon as possible.

With each passing image, you will see more and more precision...

As usual, I am racing towards my lightest shades in all areas...

Once you reach that point, it's time to glaze and shade!

And again, once the shading is done, it's time to get into those all important middle tones!

You can see a little more definition in the SE-NMM

Working the blue mid tones...

Here I am putting some texture on the rifle stock and the little vials.

Final highlights are added, and some clean up on edges leads to another finished piece!

As I have said many times here on the blog, that shaded basecoat technique which I refer to is the cornerstone of all the rest of my painting techniques.  Since this is so important, I have been agonizing over my choice of miniature for that all important painting DVD.

I have decided to test out a Raging Heroes figure, which seems to fit all the requirements.  This weekend, we are hoping to do some more camera work and computer research as well.  Next week, I will paint up that test miniature to see if it will be as effective as I hope it will be.

I will post that to the blog for all of you to see!

Stay tuned!


  1. Amazing work as always! When is this DVD going to come out? I'd really like to buy it. Is it going to have more information on it than what is available on your blog?

    1. There will be an entire series of DVD's. Depending on the success of the Kickstarter, I have a list of nearly 20 different topics, and the list only continues to grow!

      There is a lot more I can cover in a video than is possible with still images. As we have been doing test shots, it is very clear that seeing the brush in motion reveals stuff that I can't do with a standard camera.

      The initial proposal will be submitted in the next few weeks. I will keep updating this daily!

  2. I found your blog looking up ways to paint blood angels. Is there any way you could use the red you paint your blood angels with in your dvd? I was trying to follow your Saurus warriors tutorial, but got lost on the semi-drybrushing on the light parts. I've seen something like this on the hot lead dvd, but it seemed more of a basic technique. I look at your blog almost every day and I can't wait for the dvd. I will purchase one the day it comes out. Thank you for sharing your hard work.

    1. Thanks for following the blog!

      One series of topics we were working on was a set of more "color specific" DVD's covering the ways I approach different colors.

      Reds, yellows and blacks seem to have the most requests in terms of how I go about them. A DVD on reds, for example, would try to show how to paint those warmer Blood Angel / Demonhunter reds, as well as much cooler reds like those I did on the Death Company, etc.

      Of course, it will all be done with non GW figures, since we don't want to have to worry about legal issues, etc. :-)

  3. You really need to make a video of this.... no way such a messy model can look so crisp when finished.

    Do you have a link to this kickstarter yet?

    1. The kickstarter proposal will be sent in sometime in the next 7-10 days, and then hopefully we are up an running!

      We want to make sure that all the goals are the best they can be!

      Thanks for all the interest and kind words!!!

    2. No problem I really like you style of painting and I'll defo be helping to fund the kickstarter, (hopefully I'll be able to pick up some pointers from the dvd)

    3. Many thanks!!

      We were doing another reworking of the list of DVD's today. There were 18 painting DVD's alone! That does not even count all of the basing/sculpting DVD's.

  4. It is utterly astounding watching other people's processes! One of the most jaw dropping and revealing tutorials I've ever seen, hands down. You continue to inspire every time I read, thanks guys :)