Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The last of the Ushabtis... The road to Adepticon begins again.

Well, on a sad day in Wappelville, we have some Tomb Kings to reflect on one positive thing.  The Adepticon Warhammer Fantasy Championships have been expanded to 2400 points, which has allowed me to try and squeeze in some of the more interesting converted and scratch sculpted pieces into my army.

In fact, the Ushabti would be the only part of the army that is not scratch sculpted or massively converted.

I am tempted to include them, since they do look nice, and they have a specific place on my display board.  Fortunately, the expanded points allow me to get both my scratch sculpted Colossus with Great Bow and Heirotitan into the list.  This is very important, for as all of you who followed the Tomb Kings project know, there are two very specific spots on the army board for both of those big guys!

To all the newcomers who may not be familiar with the Great saga of the Tainted Pharaoh, you can look under the heading Warhammer Fantasy Tomb Kings, and you will see nearly 80 posts that cover not just the building and painting of the army, but also the construction of the display board and even the stories and fiction behind it!

So, if all this is news to you, I suggest you peruse all that and have some fun!  It is by far my most elaborate project to date...


  1. The first time that saw this army, I was blown away. The presentation and the colors used all tied very well. This is an army to proud of James - well done sir.

    1. Thanks so much!!

      As much as I loved my lizardman army and the Temple of Blood, the story of the army and such things emerged long after I had painted most of it. For the Tomb Kings, the whole thing was nearly set before I opened a single box of minis!

      Each figure, each color, absolutely everything I did was planned out. They all had a specific place on the display board, etc. Everything I am working on now for them is all designed to work with that display board!